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Tradition, stories and thoughts guide our research for objects originating in Italy and on every continent. We have been sharing this passion and our vision of the world since 2015.

Mixing styles and finding perfection in the deliberately imperfect, highlighting the singularity of each object, placing the accent on style and embracing the genius loci. Funky Table offers you a new language in decorative expression.

We are Mariangela and Titti Negroni, two sisters from Verona who, after considerable experience in the worlds of design and fashion have brought our multi-faceted professional expertise together to launch this new project. As of 2020, two new partners add expertise in finance and business development. We work with a dynamic all-female team believing strongly in girl power.

We are in Milan in Via Santa Marta, 19, in the heart of historic Milan, surrounded by ancient palazzi, hidden courtyards and artisan workshops. Our borders have rapidly extended: we are working on projects with Le Bon Marché in Paris, and our La Tavola Scomposta collection is available in some of the most prestigious department stores including La Rinascente in Milan and in Rome as well as in Liberty in London.

evento ikea natale
“natale a stile libero” – IKEA
eventobenetton2 1
6 2
BIRTHDAY PARTY – Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi
evento ikea natale 1 1067x800
eventobenetton2 1 1065x800
“Rompete le righe” – Benetton
6 2 1067x800
BIRTHDAY PARTY – Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi
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funky party with us!

Our style turns every event into a performance. Whether private or company functions, we want each of our events to be a limited edition experience.

These are some of the Funky Parties we have organised over the last few years:

  • Benetton, A Social dinner, “Rompete le righe”, at the Contraste restaurant in Milan.
  • Ikea, Workshop “Natale a stile libero” 2018
  • Ikea, A Christmas press day “We’re Made for Change” 2017
  • A wedding in Gstaad for 240 guests
  • A birthday party in the Palazzina di Caccia in Stupinigi for 100 guests
  • A private dinner in Paris for 80 guests

For all events we offer a creative consultancy, Funky Table items for hire, and personalisation of objects and furnishing.

For further information and requests about consultancy and hire, please email:

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